Your Health & Mosquitos

Mosquito bites really make us sick.

We all know that being bitten by mosquitos is no fun, leaving us itchy and chasing us indoors. But the misery your family suffers from mosquitos and other biting insects can be worse than inconvenient – and sometimes downright deadly. Insect-borne illnesses are on the rise:

As climate conditions allow mosquito and tick populations to thrive year after year, the threat of insect-borne disease continues to rise, making it more important than ever to know the facts. Mosquito Matic looks to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website regarding insect-borne illness for the latest health information. But there is good news. The spread of these illnesses can be slowed and mitigated by what happens in your own back yard. By learning how to control mosquitos and other pests with the prevention techniques and services Mosquito Matic provides, you can reduce your family’s exposure to mosquitos, ticks and the health risks they carry.

Protect your family by making your yard less mosquito-friendly:

Call Mosquito Matic – as part of our service, we point out possible breeding grounds and show you how to control mosquitos.

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